Our team


Director/Baby Wearing Consultant (Faversham)
I love the freedom that baby wearing gives me and it was especially helpful when my youngest was poorly.
Director/Baby Wearing Consultant (Ashford)
I love holding my babies close 🙂 it's the best feeling ever.
Director/Peer Supporter (Whitstable)
Babywearing has given me freedom to explore and has been an amazing way to bond with my daughters.
Director/Peer Supporter (Folkestone)
Being able to chat to my little one so easily is what I love about babywearing.
Peer Supporter (Canterbury)
Babywearing helped me bond with my son and gave me the freedom I needed for dog walking and working with horses.
Peer Supporter in training (Sheerness)
Babywearing with Ophelia helped me to keep her close while giving me the freedom to enjoy time with Lilly-Ann.
Peer Supporter in training (Ashford)
Admin/Peer supporter in training
I love how calm babywearing makes Ivy compared to when she's in the pram. She loves a cuddle and I can be hands free for my 4 year old.